Process Art Playgroup

Foster creativity and encourage self-expression through process art and sensory-based activities. Children will have the opportunity to explore and create each week in a safe, welcoming and judgement-free environment. Activities will include exploration of paint, dough, collage, dry and wet sensory activities and more. 

These classes are focused on child-led, process art and sensory-based activities. While a teacher will be present at all times, this is not an instructed class. The playgroup is intended to encourage parent-child and peer bonding. A free flow classroom set up will allow children to create as they please at the pace of their choosing.

Parents and/or caregivers presence is required

Each class will begin with music to help ease transitions

Classes run in 8-week sessions

Drop-in option available

We allow one make-up per session. Make-up must occur during the session you are currently enrolled in. Please email/call 24 hours in advance to check availability.


Private Group Sessions

Private group sessions are designed for families who would like to host Small Gathering art classes in their homes with a group of friends. We are currently offering private Process Art Playgroup classes for children ages 1-3 on weekends.

A minimum of 6-children required to run a private session

Classes run in five-week sessions

Full-five week registration is required

For more information please email